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“The details are not the details, they make the design” 
- Charles Eames

As a dedicated professional designer I have been working for nearly 20 years as a design consultant. I have a diploma in design and this is coupled with the experience and knowledge gained from many commercial and residential projects.

Specialising as a design consultant and stylist, I will personalise solutions for your business or home through my significant experience and contacts and working with many crafts, trades and people within the design and build industry.


Listening to clients ensures a positive creative journey and is the basis of my success. My style is accommodating and personable and I have a keen eye for detail.


All of this is wrapped in my enthusiasm to deliver great outcomes. I pride myself on forming quality relationships with all of my clients and whether it is commercial refurbishment, a new home build, renovation, colour scheme, interior and exteriors design, I can help you.

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Grand Casino Dunedin

Annie Simpson King -

Winner of the 2021 Resene Total Colour

Heritage Colour Maestro Award

The new Grand Casino Dunedin needed a modern, elegant twist returning the opulence and wow back to this beautiful building where the Victorian era were masters of rich layers. 

To bring the grandeur back, gold filigree was enhanced throughout the design adding to what was already existing. Painting the ceiling in Resene Pewter Metallic gave impact. Walls are painted in two shades of neutral off whites, the carpet is now lighter and has a gold pattern linking a sense of belonging. 

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D E S I G N  P R O C E S S

The start of the design process is an initial consultation to ensure we agree desired 

outcomes, understanding tastes and style preferences, what is a must have or 

perhaps a can’t have, this is where I listen to you and connect to your project.   

The design process includes discussing functionality, budgets and inspiration. 

From here outlines of colours, tones, materials and all finishes can be chosen 

and presented. Larger projects may require mood boards, which give a much 

better vision and understanding of the final look and feel of any given project.

Every job is different, every job is unique and I can provide as little or as much 

as you require. Some clients like to complete parts of the design themselves, 

others require the process to be worked though until completion stage and all 

options along this spectrum can be accommodated.  My experience has 

shown me time and again that working alongside architects or subcontractors 

during the design phase can be helpful in this critical thinking creativity stage.

The key to a successful space is a result of working closely with my clients, 

having a key eye for detail and a considered and effective design. 

Simpson King Design is available to work throughout New Zealand.


P R O P E R T Y  S T Y L I S T 

Professionally style your home ready for sale is an essential ingredient to achieving 

a successful outcome, impress your buyers and stand out from the crowd.
Or enjoy and live in a designer styled home making all the difference to your 

space, function and flow and feelings.


Remember it is all about the detail !

P E R S O N A L  S H O P P E R

This is the fun part, let’s go shopping together!

Being your personal shopper means I can maximise your shopping experience to save 

time and money, to narrow down the choices according to your style and needs making 

sure your decision suits your purpose. Let me be your expert eye.

Ring today to find out how you we can start.


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