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Grand Casino Dunedin

Annie Simpson

2021 Winner

Resene Total Colour Heritage
Colour Maestro Award

25647 TC Awards LOGO 2021_colour maestro.jpg

"This project was designed to bring back the ‘wow’ and bring back the ‘wow’ it has. The sumptuous colour palette and metallic hues play to the decadence and opulence of a grand night out. Richly layered, it's testament to the passionate purpose to recapture and enhance this grand building's beauty to appeal to the guests of today." - Judges Comment

Historically, the Dunedin Casino brand was about opulence and grandeur of yesteryear with the elegant décor and grand spiral staircase, but over time it had lost its vibrance and needed a refurbishment. Located within a Heritage 1 status building in central Dunedin. 

The new Grand Casino Dunedin needed a modern, elegant twist returning the opulence and wow back to this beautiful grand building where the Victorian era were masters of rich layers. 

Grand Casino Dunedin-8.jpg
Grand Casino Dunedin-14.jpg

To bring the grandeur back, gold filigree was enhanced throughout the design adding to what was already existing. Painting the ceiling in Resene Pure Pewter Metallic gave impact. Walls are painted in two shades of neutral off whites, the carpet is now lighter and has a gold pattern linking a sense of belonging.

The bar shines and sparkles with bright gold mosaic tiles giving that Casino feel, with feature lighting to create atmosphere and mood. Elegant furniture in velvets and gold tones are used with pops of colour that are graceful and elegant in the rooms. Large pots of palms bring life to the space, giving it an international feel. When sitting in the bar areas you experience a feeling of grandeur that you could be anywhere in the world. This design was all about the attention to details, of layering textures, colours, and shapes together.

Patti's & Cream Diner

“The most southernly handmade Ice Cream Parlour in the world”

Annie Simpson

2022 Winner

Resene Total Colour Commercial Interior Public + Retail Award

"Yum! This project not only celebrates the experience of having an ice cream but elevates it. The delicious colours call you inside, offering comfort and the warmest of welcomes – then cosily wrap around you, encouraging you to stay. A scrumptious evolution of this brand's story." - Judges Comment

Based in Dunedin since 2018, Patti`s and Cream started off with a small batch of handmade ice cream using local milk selling from a classic Bedford food truck out and about every week around Dunedin, with delicious seasonal Dunedin and Otago produce to create their ice creams and hot grilled burgers.

In 2020 with demand and business growth Olive Tabor, the owner, opened a scoop shop in a small suburb in Mornington Dunedin. The dream was always to have a café/dina big enough for seated service in a great location. Roll on 2022, excited by a George Street location at the edge of the CBD of Dunedin known as the 400 block, which is the heart of great food, restaurants, and dining. Olive’s business was ready for the next stage - so the dream began.


The brief was to create something special;  being in the trendy block for dining in Dunedin not far from the Otago University, I suggested a more grown-up approach than their Mornington Scoop Shop, with an edgy feel for any demographic to enjoy, keeping the vibe and fun of this now growing sophisticated iconic Dunedin brand. This high energy business needed the wow it deserved.

Colour played a major part of this fresh look ice cream parlour, I went with a warm tan hued peach, rather than the baby pink of the sister scoop shop, a long row of banquette seating in dark forest green gives strength to the design, with optional dining available in the form of shared tables. A warm light cream was used on the remaining walls to settle the space. To highlight theses colours I chose gold as my accent tone. I used off white finger tiles featured with gold glitter grout. Stunning natural jade green mosaic stone tiles were used as a splash back with gold trim.

The counters in white matt 100 by 100 square tiles with an off- white grout, all anchored by a dark stained floor with large gold round mirrors with simple round pendant lights.

To finish the look, I used Metallic for the floating shelves above the
counter and for street appeal impact, the exterior canopy above the entrance was also
painted Goldmine Metallic. The warm peach was also added to the base exterior.

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