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Listening to clients ensures a positive creative journey and is the basis of my success. My style is accommodating and personable and I have a keen eye for detail.
How can I help you?


Personal Shopper

This is the fun part, let’s go shopping together!

Being your personal shopper means I can maximise your shopping experience to save time and money, to narrow down the choices according to your style and needs making sure your decision suits your purpose.
Let me be your expert eye!

The Design Process

 The design process includes discussing functionality, budgets, and
inspiration, from here outlines of colours, tones, materials, and all finishes can be chosen and presented. Larger projects may require mood boards, which give a much better vision and understanding of the final look and feel of any given project. Every job is different, every job is unique working though until completion stage and all options along this spectrum can be accommodated.  


The key to a successful space is a result of working closely with my clients, having a key eye for detail and a considered and effective design. 
Simpson Design is available to work throughout New Zealand.

The start of the design process is an initial consultation to ensure we nail the desired outcomes, so email or call 027 580 7824 now for your 15-minute free chat

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